Guidelines Summary

Artwork Specs
  • Maximum of 5 entries
  • Square, and between 2000 and 5315 pixels
  • JPG, JPEG.
  • sRGB. (CMYK will not work)
  • We create the mockups, you just upload the flat artwork.
  • 1) Every sale = 100 points
  • 2) Every Like and Share of our Facebook post of your entry = 1 point.
  • 3) Every Vote of the Voting button on your entries on our website = 1 point.
  • Voting starts as soon as your work is uploaded, through to 21st November 2022. 
Please note
  • You keep ownership and copyright of your work, always. 
  • Most artwork is uploaded within a few hours. Then it's up to you to get promoting...! :)
  • Wraptious may take 1-2 days to upload your work to Facebook, please kindly note.
  • Entries can't knowingly be licensed out to others for cushions, prints or canvases.
  • Entries are removed by 31st December 2022.
  • Commission payments are made by end of January 2023.